Microsoft: to update Windows, you need to keep your computer turned on for up to eight hours.

For a correct update, a Windows computer must be connected to the network for about eight hours. This is reported on the corporation’s website.

According to the company’s specialist David Guyer, the main problem for delivering updates to the computer is the lack of a network connection. The Microsoft manager explained that it can often take several hours to update Windows — in the material for users, the specialist named a condition for receiving updates correctly.

Guyer said that updates are usually downloaded to the device for about two hours. However, the author recommends that users count on another 5-6 hours for all Windows components to be installed. Thus, the representative of the company advised to keep the computer turned on for about eight hours.

According to Microsoft, about 50 percent of computers do not receive updates due to the fact that their owners turn off the devices immediately after work, not allowing the installation of updates. About 25 percent of devices for this reason do not receive the necessary security updates. David Guyer recommended switching the PC to standby mode after work so that the device remains connected to the Internet.