Following the iPhone 12, analysts at the Japanese company Fomalhaut Techno Solutions have calculated the cost of the older version of the iPhone 12 Pro.

The most expensive smartphone components are Samsung OLED displays for $70 apiece and a Qualcomm X55 5G modem for $ 90. Another $ 40 is the A14 Bionic processor. At the same time, RAM costs $ 12.8, flash memory – $ 19.2, and Sony camera sensors – from $7.4 to $7.9 apiece.

As a result, the cost of the iPhone 12 Pro was $406. That’s just $ 33 more than the iPhone 12 cost, although their final store prices differ by as much as $200.

But it should be noted that the total cost does not include the costs of marketing, logistics, software development, etc. – only the total cost of all components.

Analysts also showed the geography of key suppliers of components for the iPhone 12 Pro. 21.9% are accounted for by European and American companies, 26.8% – by elements produced in South Korea, Japanese companies make another 13.6% of parts. Taiwan and mainland China account for only 11.1% and 4.6% in the supply chain, respectively.