The protest began in Canada on January 29.

The Ontario Superior Court has issued an order for truckers to release the Ambassador Bridge connecting Windsor (Ontario) and Detroit (Michigan). This was reported on Friday by the CTV channel.

The court’s decision comes into force at 7 pm local time.

The protest began in Ottawa in front of the country’s parliament building on January 29. The demonstrators demand that federal and regional authorities lift all restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. Similar actions took place over the weekend in Toronto, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver.

Since the end of January, the Canadian-American border has been blocked at one of the checkpoints between the province of Alberta and the state of Montana. On Monday, truck drivers blocked traffic on the Ambassador Bridge, which transports up to 25% of all cargo from the United States to Canada. Goods worth about 400 million Canadian dollars ($315 million) are transported daily through it.