Nacon publishes the diaries of the developer of the motorcycle racing simulator RiMS Racing. In them, the RaceWard studio talked about the process of work and certain aspects of the future game.

In the new video, the development team talks about the different game modes, especially the career mode, and shows the recreated real tracks and roads. At the same time, we are given an assessment of a physics model developed to accurately simulate tire wear during racing, and presented by a consultant: Lorenzo Mauri, a motorcycle mechanic.

Previously, the developers talked about all the stages of the game’s development, starting with the design and research required to create a realistic motorcycle simulator that is as immersive as possible. This should be facilitated by the collaboration of the studio with such well-known manufacturers as Ducati.

RiMS Racing launches on August 19 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC.