While working on the film, Alec Baldwin accidentally shot the cameraman.

The creative team of the western “Rust,” in the process of working on which actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot the cameraman Halyna Hutchins, signed a letter urging them to continue shooting the film. The text of the message was posted on Baldwin’s Instagram page on Thursday.

“During the filming of Rust, our work schedule and wages were fair and in line with expectations,” the letter says. Its authors clarify that their position is not shared by several people who left the shooting before the accident.

The letter contains a request to pay attention to more important things. “The description of the filming of Rust as careless, dangerous and exploitative work is erroneous and distracts from the most important thing – from the memory of Halyna Hutchins and from the need to modernize outdated safety equipment and handling firearms in the film industry,” the crew members wrote.

Earlier, assistant director for the script of the film Mamie Mitchell and senior lighting Serge Svetnoy sued Baldwin, the producers of the picture, and the weapons technician.