According to Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, this indicates plans to destabilize the situation in Cuba via the Internet.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla said on Sunday that a VPN service was created with the support of the United States, the developers of which made its use free exclusively for residents of Cuba, which indicates plans to destabilize the situation in the country via the Internet.

“A VPN service has been announced, which, oddly enough, is free for users in Cuba, while others have to pay for it. It will not surprise anyone that this service is provided by 19 servers located in the USA. When such a product is offered free of charge only to residents of Cuba, it means that it is aimed at undermining our sovereignty,” the diplomat wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, the head of the department accused the leadership of Twitter and Facebook of manipulating the algorithms of the platforms and selectively applying their rules in order to create the impression of a massive protest movement in Cuba.

Opponents of the Cuban leadership had previously applied to hold anti-government marches in major cities of the republic on November 15. The local authorities refused to organize the actions, because, in their opinion, the convoked processions are aimed at destabilizing the situation in the republic. After receiving the refusal, the applicants continued to call on citizens to take to the streets. The Cuban Prosecutor General’s Office issued warnings to several activists calling for mass anti-government protests.