Russia’s membership in the UN Human Rights Council was suspended due to the invasion of Ukraine.

On Tuesday, the UN General Assembly elected the Czech Republic to the Human Rights Council (HRC) instead of Russia, which was suspended from the council last month due to the invasion of Ukraine. After that, Moscow decided to terminate its membership in the UN Human Rights Council ahead of schedule.

The Council consists of 47 countries.

At the time of the suspension, Russia still had a year left before the end of the three-year term of membership in the council. The Czech Republic will complete this period.

Recall that the HRC cannot make legally binding decisions. However, its decisions have political significance, and it can authorize investigations.

157 countries voted for the Czech Republic, 23 countries abstained. The new powers of the Czech Republic begin immediately.

On Thursday, the Human Rights Council is to hold a special session on Ukraine, a UN official said. This decision was made after official Kyiv called to consider the situation in the country, including information about mass casualties in Mariupol.