This decision was made after consultations with experts, members of Congress, and former government officials.

The Department of State plans to create a cyberspace and digital policy bureau amid the growing problem of hacker attacks on the U.S. infrastructure, mainly using ransomware.

The official representative of the American Foreign Ministry, Ned Price, said that the decision to create the bureau is “one of the elements of our broader efforts to modernize the state Department.”

“We plan to create a cyber and digital policy bureau headed by a special representative approved by the Senate, which will focus on three key areas: theory of international cyberspace, international digital politics, and digital freedom. This will unite the key components of the security, economy, and values of our cyber community. We also plan to establish a new Special Envoy for Critical and Cutting-edge Technologies, who will lead the immediate agenda of technology diplomacy with our allies, partners, and in various multilateral forums.”

Hackers have attacked many American companies this year. One of them – on the operator of the Colonial Pipeline pipeline led to a temporary shortage of fuel on the East Coast of the United States. Hackers also attacked an agricultural company from Iowa, which raised concerns about disruptions in grain harvest in the Midwest.

A few weeks ago, the U.S. Treasury Department announced that the attackers received $ 590 million in ransom for six months of this year.