The ship will deliver equipment for scientific research, food supplies, and equipment for NASA.

The American company SpaceX will launch the Dragon spacecraft with cargo for the International space station (ISS) on December 5. This is stated in the message of the National Aeronautics and space administration of the United States (NASA).

“SpaceX plans to launch the 21st commercial cargo to the ISS on December 5 at 11: 39. The ship will deliver [equipment] for scientific research, food supplies, and NASA equipment, the Department said. – Arrival to the ISS is expected on December 6, and the ship will automatically dock to the Harmony module with NASA astronauts Kathleen Rubins and Victor Glover.”

According to the Agency, the spacecraft will be loaded with critical materials necessary for more than 250 studies conducted by the station’s 64th and 65th crews. The cargo ship will also deliver the so-called NanoRacks airlock, which will be used for satellite deployment and astronauts ‘ spacewalks.

Dragon will spend about a month in orbit, after which it will return to Earth with the return cargo.