During the third phase of clinical trials, Avigan (favipiravir) failed to show its effectiveness in the treatment of patients with mild to moderate severity of COVID-19. This is reported in a statement by Appili, which conducted clinical trials.

During the third phase of the PRESECO double-blind randomized clinical trial (PREventing SEvere COVID-19), 1,231 patients with coronavirus infection from Brazil, Mexico and the USA participated. All of them were soon — no more than 72 hours later – after a positive PCR test, they were offered to take the pills themselves at home under the supervision of researchers.

The popular drug developed by Fujifilm Holding failed to achieve statistical significance according to the main evaluation criterion — the time to sustainable clinical recovery, Appili said in a statement. “Despite the fact that we are disappointed with the results of the PRESECO study, we remain firmly convinced that safe and effective oral antiviral drugs are extremely necessary for patients who are trying to fight COVID-19. We would like to thank all the patients who participated [in the study], and we hope that the information obtained as a result of our study will help scientific research on more effective treatment options for COVID-19,” said Arman Balboni, director of Appili.