A luxurious piece of jewelry that Hollywood actor Ben Affleck gave to his beloved Jennifer Lopez during their engagement in 2002 has increased in price by more than 10 times. This is reported by Page Six.

19 years ago, Affleck presented Lopez with a ring with a rare pink diamond in 6.1 carats. The cost of the decoration at that time was $ 2.5 million.

In August 2021, the head of The Diamond Pro Company, which is engaged in examining precious stones, Mike Fried, provided the publication with information about the current value of such a diamond. “Our partner in the field of jewelry created a similar ring two years ago. It was estimated at $ 10 million. I believe that today the price of the Lopez ring has approached $ 11 million,” the expert assured.

The director of Rare Carat, Ajay Anand, explained that 90 percent of pink diamonds were mined in the only deposit — the Argyle mine in Australia-work in which was stopped this year. “Since 1983, the Argyle mine has been supplying the best pink diamonds. Stones of a whole spectrum of colors came from there — from pink, blue, and purple to the rarest — red,” he said. According to Anand, Jennifer Lopez’s ring can be estimated at 4 million dollars.