In the international arena, a sharp deterioration in relations with the Russian Federation may affect the diplomatic efforts of the United States to resolve issues in relations with Iran and the DPRK.

The escalation around Ukraine will have a negative impact on the U.S. economy, as well as on the ratings of the Democratic Party ahead of the upcoming midterm congressional elections in the fall. CNN came to such conclusions on Monday.

The tense situation around Ukraine has already contributed to an increase in oil prices, and a possible conflict will lead to a new jump, possibly above $ 100 per barrel. Accordingly, gasoline prices will rise in the United States, which have already increased due to inflation. For Americans, this will be the most painful consequence of a possible aggravation and, most likely, will cause a further drop in the ratings of Democrats. The conflict is also likely to lead to increased uncertainty in the economic sphere and a fall in stock exchanges, the TV channel notes.