The European Union has banned the export of luxury goods to Russia, including cars more expensive than 50 thousand euros, as well as machinery, jewelry, perfumes, bags, precious stones, delicacies, expensive alcohol, according to a decision of the EU Council published in the official journal.

“This is our message, which says that the sanctions are directed against wealthy Russians associated with the government. Ordinary Russians should be able to purchase goods,” the EU said.

In particular, deliveries of cars worth more than 50 thousand euros, musical instruments more expensive than 1500 euros, expensive recording equipment, household appliances, collectible coins, as well as delicacies, alcohol, perfumes, luxury bags are under sanctions.

The document specifies that goods more expensive than 300 euros from the following list are prohibited for export to Russia from the EU: caviar, wines, including champagne, other alcohol, cigars, perfumes, cosmetics, wigs, and clothing. It is prohibited to supply home electronics, including game consoles, more than 750 euros. It is also impossible to export to the Russian Federation sound recording equipment, photographic equipment and projectors more expensive than a thousand euros and musical instruments whose price exceeds 1.5 thousand euros. Vehicles more expensive than fifty thousand euros, with the exception of ambulances, as well as motorcycles worth more than five thousand euros are also prohibited from export from the European Union to the Russian Federation. The ban also applies to expensive tableware, watches with precious stones, luxury bags, collectible edged weapons and other luxury items.

A senior EU source told reporters that in general, exports of luxury goods outside the EU are estimated at 80 billion euros annually, such exports to Russia amounted to 3.53 billion euros. “Thus, the losses of the European Union will not be very significant,” he explained.