As noted, the list includes a wide range of products – from aircraft and chemicals to agricultural products.

The European Commission has published a preliminary list of more than 400 categories of goods from the United States for a total import of $20 billion per year, which can be levied in response to the provision of Boeing US state subsidies. The list was distributed by the press service of the European Commission on Wednesday after the decision WTO these US subsidies of $12 billion violated the principle of fair competition with European Airbus.
“European companies should be able to compete on equal and fair terms. The recent WTO decision to subsidize Boeing from the United States is of particular importance. We must continue to protect the preservation of proportional working conditions for our industry. However, although we are ready to take trade countermeasures if no other solution is found. We remain convinced that the EU-US dialogue should continue. It is through dialogue that it is necessary to find a solution to this long-term trade dispute,” the words of the European Commissioner for trade Cecilia Malmström are quoted in the EC statement.

“The list includes a wide range of products, from aircraft and chemicals to agricultural products, including frozen fish, citrus and ketchup,” the EC document says. – The European Commission remains open to negotiations with the US on this issue”. The list is 11 pages long and includes helicopters, many types of wheeled vehicles from tractors to bicycles, video games and game consoles, and other types of electronics.

“The European Commission launched public consultations on Wednesday regarding this preliminary list of goods. On April 11, 2019, the WTO issued a conclusion, confirming that the American state subsidies to Boeing continue to cause significant damage to Airbus, including loss of sales. Public consultations are the development of this topic and are aimed at gathering information from all market participants, which may be affected by new duties,” the document says.

According to the European Commission, Boeing is subsidized by the US government, in particular, through preferential tax schemes, the provision of state and military orders on non-market terms.

The trade conflict between Boeing and Airbus dates back to the 90s of the last century. The EU and the US constantly accuse each other of competition violations in various forms, appealing to the WTO, which accepts arguments of one or other side in different claims. The opening of public consultations on the possible introduction of customs duties is one of the instruments of the European Commission to put pressure on the United States in the negotiations on this issue.