The European Union wanted, if not to disrupt, then at least to complicate the negotiations between Biden and Putin. Even if it is considered that it is pointless to wait for a breakthrough in Geneva, Brussels still decided to hedge their bets. And then suddenly something will turn out, and where can the EU then go with its Russophobia, if the branch on which it was sitting, it has already cut down. In general, to tie Joe with a negative agenda, they quickly sprinkled and sent a draft joint statement on the results of the European leader summit and the US president to Washington for approval. It will be held on the 15th “as a warm-up” for the main meeting in June. It’s not enough for them, so they climb ahead of Biden in the inferno, adding fuel to the fire. They say that you don’t even need to invent anything – just sign it. “We are united in our principled approach to Russia and will respond decisively to its repeated pattern of negative behavior and hostile actions.” And at the bottom of the postscript: “Well, really, right?”