The European Commission may not oblige Hungary and Slovakia to support the embargo on purchases of Russian oil. This was reported by two sources to Reuters.

The European Commission plans on Tuesday to finalize the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, which will include a ban on the purchase of Russian oil.

Hungary and Slovakia are extremely dependent on Russian supplies. Earlier, Hungary has repeatedly stated that it will not support sanctions affecting energy carriers. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba on Twitter thanked Slovakia for Kiev’s support, which may be a sign of understanding of the country’s position.

The EU accounts for almost half of the exports of Russian oil and petroleum products, Russia provides 26% of the oil consumed by the EU.

Germany, the largest buyer of Russian oil in the EU, for a long time refused to consider the issue of the embargo, but has now stated that it will be able to solve the problem of providing oil. In 2021, Russia supplied 35% of the oil consumed by Germany, but in recent weeks this figure has dropped to 12%.

Presumably, the oil embargo will come into full force at the beginning of next year.