EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Vice-President of the European Commission Josep Borrell said that the EU will not interfere in the situation in Ukraine militarily; it will damage the Russian economy.

“Of course, we will not interfere in the situation by military means. We do not want the war to spread, but we must support them (Kyiv). We must damage their (Russia) economy so that they cannot continue the war,” Borrell quotes CNN Turk.

According to him, “everyone is trying to find a difficult balance.”

“On the one hand, we are trying to support Ukraine; on the other we are trying to prevent a big war. No one should make excuses to Putin. Because he can expand his military activities. It can be against one NATO country or against another. There are serious concerns. Putin will continue to attack, and we need to limit the attacks. We must isolate Russia from the international community, we must support Ukraine,” Borrell said.