The European Parliament intends to recover a large sum from French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and her associates after the publication in the French edition of Mediapart of information about the alleged illegal spending of a politician when she was an MEP, a representative of the EP told Agence France-Presse.

The information appeared shortly before the decisive second round of voting in the French presidential election, which will be held on April 24.

“We are talking about unjustified payments of a total of 617 thousand euros. In the coming weeks, we will start collecting these funds from the relevant persons,” the agency interlocutor said.

According to the report of the European Anti-Corruption Office, referred to by the media, we are talking about the compensation received by Le Pen and her associates in the European Parliament.

Le Pen was an MEP from 2004 to 2017.

In particular, it is indicated that she and her fellow party members from the “National Association” spent funds from the budget of the European Parliament for purposes related to domestic French politics. In addition, it is noted that this money was used for personal purposes or for the services of companies close to the National Association party.

It is planned to collect about 137 thousand euros directly from Le Pen.

As an example, the media cite information about spending in the amount of 23,100 euros on promotional products (bags, pens, key rings) for the “National Association,” which were allegedly purchased for the party congress in Lyon in 2014. It is also alleged that Le Pen requested compensation for travel and hotel accommodation for deputies in connection with their participation in a conference on the financial crisis in the EU, at which internal party elections were eventually discussed.