Afghanistan and its neighboring countries need urgent humanitarian support to avoid the development of a humanitarian catastrophe, the head of the delegation of the European Parliament for relations with Afghanistan, Petras Auštrevičius, believes.

“Support is needed to meet the basic needs of the people of Afghanistan, as well as neighboring Pakistan, Iran, and Tajikistan,” the statement said.

“Afghanistan is on the verge of a humanitarian, political and economic catastrophe. Due to the lack of food supplies and the approach of winter, it is important to support the basic needs of the population… Now there is an urgent need for joint humanitarian operations with the participation of the EU and member states… It is obvious that aid should be sent through organizations that are not associated with the Taliban regime,” Auštrevičius said.

He added that the amount promised by the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, to support the people of Afghanistan for one billion euros is extremely important for resolving the humanitarian situation.

He cited data from the World Food Organization, according to which today about 14 million people are facing hunger, with the onset of winter, this figure will increase. “Two million children are at risk of malnutrition, 60-80% of households report a significant decline in income, in many areas it is difficult for people to find a job even for one working day, food prices are rising rapidly: wheat prices have increased by 45% year-on-year, vegetable oil – by 300%,” the MEP points out.