The European Union could not cope with the crisis and provide the necessary preventive measures to prevent the beginning of the spread of coronavirus on the territory of the Union’s member States, said President of the group “National Assembly-Eastern region,” part of the party “Identity and democracy,” Virginie Zhoron.

“It’s almost late today. Preventive measures to prevent proliferation were at zero, and we all saw this as MEPs. Flights from China should have been suspended! No sanitary control was introduced at airports!”- the Deputy is indignant.

She emphasizes that the EP members warned the European authorities about the existing problems at the stage when the COVID-19 outbreak developed only in China. “We closely followed the development of the outbreak in China and then warned about several problems: first, about our dependence on laboratories that were moved to India and China, and secondly, about the variability of this virus, which required the establishment of sanitary controls at the borders for those returning to our territory,” said Virginie Zhoron.

The MP is also sure that the situation around the spread of coronavirus has demonstrated “uncivilized globalization.” “This tragic episode demonstrates what we have always condemned: wild uncivilized globalization weakens our Nations and peoples,” the EP member States.

At the same time, she complained that the EU cannot act together to solve serious problems. “The EU is not able to react together to the problems, but together hides its head in the sand, faced, for example, with the blackmail of Erdogan (on the issue of the migration crisis at the Greek-Turkish border),” the MP says.

Commenting on the decision of the American President Donald Trump to introduce a ban on travel to the United States for EU citizens in connection with the coronavirus, Virginie Zhoron notes that this step will not solve the problem for America. “As for the measure taken by Trump, it is already too late, and it will not change anything in the spread of this virus in the United States.”