The European Union should impose sanctions against the United States and Saudi Arabia because of the conflict in Yemen, Croatian MP Mislav Kolakusic said at a meeting of the European Parliament. A video of the speech was posted on his Twitter.

“If this were true, if we were really fighting for peace, then we should immediately impose the same sanctions against Saudi Arabia, which has been fomenting war in Yemen for several years. We should have banned the import of oil and gas from the United States, which has been involved in more military conflicts than any other country in Europe, and maybe in the world over the past decades,” he said.

The MEP called the anti-Russian sanctions “an incredible lie” and “hypocrisy,” but did not specify the real, in his opinion, purpose of the introduction of anti-Russian bans. First of all, Europeans suffer from the rupture of economic ties with Moscow, Kolakusic added.