Most European countries will support another postponement of the UK’s exit from the European Union (“Brexit”), despite the fact who will be the new Prime Minister of the country. This writes The Times, citing a senior source.
The newspaper notes that the governments of the EU are confident that the new leader of the Conservative party and the head of the British government will be forced to use the additional time for a new referendum to overcome the crisis in the government. In the result, the deadline “Brexit” will move in the spring of 2020.
“We do not like it very much, but we will give them another delay. In the end, no one wants to be known as the one who closed the shop,” — said the interlocutor of The Times.
Earlier, British MP and former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who is considered the main contender for the post of Prime Minister, said that the UK, in any case, will leave the European Union on October 31.
On June 7, Theresa May will resign. She has repeatedly stated that she does not intend to leave the post of head of government until the completion of the first part of the deal on “Brexit” but changed her mind.