The former official of the administration of Donald Trump, Richard Grenell, became the new “president of the United States” according to the Google search engine, in connection with which he ironically accepted the appointment and began to “distribute decrees.”

In his Instagram, he posted a screenshot of the search, where the search results for “who is the president of the United States” are issued by Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Grenell.

“Google and Wikipedia have made updates. And this is not April 1,” the diplomat signed the publication.

Further, Grenell jokingly began to draw up the first “presidential decrees,” and also, recalling the falls of the current American leader Joe Biden on the plane ladder, promised to “stand firmly on his feet and confidently walk up the stairs.”

Richard Grenell served as the US Ambassador to Germany from 2018 to 2020 and was then the acting director of national Intelligence in the Donald Trump administration.