The leader of the terrorist movement Taliban,  Abdel Ghani Baradar, who was in exile for 20 years, arrived from Qatar, August 17, and headed to the southern Afghan province of Kandahar, the Daily Mail reports.

The purpose of the trip is not reported. Earlier, the media wrote that Baradar might return to Afghanistan for talks with representatives of various political movements of the country.

It is known from open sources that Baradar is the leader and field commander of the Taliban. He was the deputy of Mullah Mohammed Omar and the head of the Quetta Shura Council. Baradar was captured by Pakistani intelligence almost 11 years ago, on February 8, 2010.

Earlier, Baradar spoke about the upcoming test for the rebels. According to him, the Taliban will have to prove their ability to ensure the security and well-being of Afghans. According to the representative of the Taliban, the leaders of the movement did not expect that they would win a “triumphant victory” in this way.