The summer sun is ruinous for many gadgets. In the heat, they can overheat, turn off, and eventually prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause damage to the device. A senior specialist in testing digital products spoke about how to protect gadgets.

“It is necessary to make sure that neither the power adapter, nor the charger itself, nor the phone itself does not fall under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight during charging. This is fraught with the fact that the plastic can soften or even melt, because of which the contacts will lose their insulation, which can lead to a short circuit,” he said.

According to the expert, this can cause the device itself or the power adapter to catch fire when they are plugged back into the outlet. Their temperature during charging can reach up to 50-60 degrees. Because of this, condensation may occur, which will lead to damage to the smartphone.

If the gadget is very hot during charging but has not yet been damaged, the specialist advises to turn off and put the device in a dark place. You cannot try to urgently cool it with improvised means, so you can only make it worse.