Was it a cold calculation or sincere feelings?

If William and Kate met for several years before the wedding to test their feelings and then carefully prepare for the ceremony, everything quickly happened for Meghan and Harry. Only the Western media learned about the new hobby of the queen’s grandson when suddenly everyone announced their engagement. Why was there such a hurry?

According to the expert, Meghan Markle had been planning a similar fate for herself for a long time; she was only choosing a suitable candidate.

“She grew up with high ambitions and began to achieve them as an actress-obviously, not a very successful actress in terms of international fame. Therefore, we had to change the plan and act to rehabilitate ourselves for the failure in the film industry, ” Jonathan Sakerdoti said in an interview with Sky News.

It turns out that Meghan Markle did not initially have feelings for Harry; she used the prince to carry out her ambitious plans. But we can’t say for sure that love never appeared. Many photos prove that Meghan Markle looks with adoration at her husband. The expert believes that Sussex used mixed tactics; she found a balance between feelings and cold calculation and achieved the result. No matter what we say, Meghan has become the most discussed woman in the UK and worldwide after marrying Harry.