Rachel Powell is allegedly captured on several videos instructing rioters, the TV company reports.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has detained Rachel Powell, a mother of eight, on suspicion of participating in riots on Washington’s Capitol Hill. This was reported on Friday by CBS, citing data from federal authorities.

According to them, on Thursday, the FBI raided the home of a single mother in Pennsylvania, trying to get evidence of her involvement in the riots and establish the whereabouts of Powell. On Thursday evening, the American woman was detained. Simultaneously, as Powell’s lawyer told the Associated Press, she voluntarily surrendered to law enforcement after learning that she was facing criminal prosecution. She was scheduled to appear in court on Friday afternoon on several charges, including forced entry, disorderly conduct, and public property theft.

Powell is allegedly captured on several videos instructing rioters. She was also probably familiar with the floor plan of the Capitol. It is noted that if this information is confirmed, it can serve as indirect evidence that the riots in the center of Washington were planned.