The Federation Council has given its consent to President Vladimir Putin to use the Russian Armed Forces abroad.

“By agreeing to the use of the Armed Forces, we proceed from the assumption that these will be peacekeeping forces aimed at preserving peace and stability on the land of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics,” Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko said.

153 senators voted for this decision, opposed and abstained.

As indicated in the text of the President’s address, he made his proposal “on the basis of paragraph “d” of part 1 of Article 102 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation” and in accordance with the treaties on friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance with the DPR and the LPR.

According to Speaker Valentina Matvienko, before considering the issue in an open mode, it has already been discussed by the relevant committees on constitutional construction, defense, international affairs and the Council of the Chamber.

According to the head of the Constitutional committee Andrey Klishas, the president determines the total number of formations, the areas of their operations, and the period of stay outside Russia in accordance with the constitution. The resolution comes into force from the moment of adoption.