In Los Angeles, there was a fight between two Boxing legends: Mike Tyson and Roy Jones. The fight lasted all the allotted 8 rounds.

According to the results of unofficial judges ‘ notes, the fight ended in a draw.

The fight was held according to special rules: the round lasted not three, but two minutes. The gloves were larger than normal, weighing 12 ounces. Although it was originally planned, boxers fought without protective helmets that they would enter the ring in them. There were no official judges in this fight, and no knockout was provided. The fight was supposed to be stopped if one of the fighters had a cut.

Fees for the fight without deductions from sales of paid broadcasts and advertising were the same: both athletes will receive $ 1 million.

A citizen of Russia and the United States, 51-year-old Jones had his previous fight in February 2018, winning on points in ten rounds from Scott Sigmon.

Tyson, 54, has not performed at an official level since June 2005. Then he refused to continue Boxing after the 6th round, thereby losing to Kevin McBride.