The volume of the first delivery was 60.5 thousand tons.

The first ship’s shipment of 60.5 thousand tons of coal from the contracted 1.5 million tons arrived in Ukraine. This was announced on Sunday night by the Ukrainian private company, part of the holding of businessman Rinat Akhmetov.

“Today, the first of seven coal vessels arrived in Ukraine from the USA and Colombia. The volume of the first delivery amounted to 60.5 thousand tons,” the company’s website says. It is noted that the coal is intended for the needs of the state thermal power plants of the Centrenergo company.

In total, the company has agreed with international suppliers to import seven ship shipments of coal. “Of these, five shipments with coal from the United States and two shipments from Colombia. The volume of each ship’s batch is from 40 to 75 thousand tons. <…> It is expected that all ship shipments will arrive in Ukraine from November 2021 – January 2022. The next batch is expected at the end of November, four in December and one in January,” the message says.

The company emphasizes that the import of coal “is a temporary measure to cover the fuel shortage, while the use of coal from Ukrainian extraction remains a priority.” “During January – October of this year, 13.7 million tons of G grade coals were extracted at DTEK Energo mines and 23 new lavas were put into operation. In total, the company plans to produce about 17 million tons of gas coal this year,” the company reports.

This week, the Ukrainian power generating company Centrenergo announced that it had contracted about 1.5 million tons of coal from four countries to cover the shortage of this type of fuel in Ukraine during the current heating season. It is planned to deliver 663 thousand tons of coal from Kazakhstan by rail, as well as 300 thousand tons from Poland. The remaining volumes will be delivered via the sea route from the USA and Australia. At the moment, Ukraine is experiencing an acute shortage of coal at power plants, which may threaten rolling blackouts.