Author of scientific books Brian Walsh told how it would be possible to determine that the Yellowstone volcano is awakening. Express reports this.

“First, there will be intense earthquakes — a sign that magma under Yellowstone rushed to the surface. Then magma will break through the earth in a powerful eruption, throwing toxic gases into the air,” Walsh writes.

As the writer notes, this process will continue for several days, plunging everything within a 40-mile radius into the lava. According to Walsh, this is just the beginning: the eruption of a supervolcano will bury vast areas in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah under a thick layer of toxic volcanic ash. The disaster will destroy crops, poison pastures, and destroy power lines and substations, which will lead to the de-energization of most of the network.

As the author notes, if an eruption occurs in the summer, a toxic cloud will block the sunlight and lower the planet’s temperature for many years. The whole world will felt the consequences of the disaster.

Walsh called this scenario “the greatest shock since the birth of civilization.”