Northvolt released the first lithium batteries made from spent nickel, manganese and cobalt found in batteries.

Today, the environmental agenda, as well as the economy, dictate that it is necessary to use reused raw materials that have already been produced. This is what Northvolt did and released batteries made entirely from waste batteries. Nickel, manganese and cobalt were used in the production.

The company said that the experiment was considered successful, so the processing capacity will be greatly expanded.

Recycling started thanks to the proprietary Revolt program. As part of the project, a Revolt Ett plant for the recycling of used lithium batteries and a Northvolt Ett plant for the production of new lithium batteries will be built in northern Sweden in Skellefteå.

The construction of the plant is scheduled for 2022, and its launch in 2023. It is planned that the production will process up to 125 thousand tons of batteries annually. Northvolt Ett will also process scrap from the plant to produce new batteries.

According to the company, the plant will be able to process lithium, cobalt, manganese and nickel. In addition, plastics, copper and aluminum will also be recovered and recycled back to production streams.

Northvolt says batteries made from recycled materials perform as well as new ones.