PARIS – The service was attended by about 30 people. For security reasons, every believer wore a white helmet. The priests removed the protection from their heads only for the time of communion.

The mass was held in the side chapel, which remained intact as a result of the fire on April 15. The service consecrated the Cathedral as a place of worship.

Earlier on June 15, it became known that the French billionaires did not fulfill their promises to transfer material assistance for the restoration of the destroyed Notre Dame Cathedral. The charity Fund, created to collect donations for the reconstruction of the national monument affected by the fire, did not receive a cent.

Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire on the evening of April 15. The fire destroyed most of the roof and the spire, to eliminate the fire was only the next day. French President Emmanuel Macron promised that the Cathedral will be restored in five years. After the Minister of Culture of France, Franck Riester said that the restoration cannot be carried out in a hurry, so it can take more than five years.