Roswell completed the development and prototyping of the first of its kind molecular-electronic chips, which used all the latest achievements from the fields of semiconductor technology, nanotechnology, biosensors, etc. All this made it possible to create an integrated CMOS chip, which contains a huge number of elements of molecular sensors, which, at a chip price of $ 100, can read information from the entire human genome in just one hour.

In 2019, Roswell Biotechnologies, Inc, whose management managed to attract $ 32 million of investments, completed the development of a number of key technologies necessary for implementing direct, high-speed and accurate reading of genetic data and other information of biological origin.

Data reader device

As mentioned above, Roswell’s first molecular-electronic chip is designed to quickly read genetic information from DNA. The chips that the company plans to create in the near future will be much more complicated and they will be able to perform more complex functions, such as detecting certain types of proteins, biomarkers of various diseases, which can be used in field infectious medicine, environmental monitoring, or to identify biological samples of various nature.

Currently, the ENDSeq ™ System (Electronic Nano-Device Sequencing) technology, which can reduce the time it takes to read genetic information from a few days to tens of minutes, can become a drastic reduction in the cost of this procedure. This, in turn, can serve as a strong impetus for the further development of the relevant areas of medicine. In addition, on the basis of the new chip, Roswell plans to launch the first device, Data Reader, which will provide high speed information reading using synthetic DNA molecules as an information carrier.