In March 2019, Elon Musk showed the world the long-awaited Tesla Model Y electric car, which is a cross between a car and a truck. Such cars are better known as crossovers and are great for family people who often go on trips with a bunch of different things. Many people pre-ordered a new product last year and very soon, during March 2020, they will begin to receive their long-awaited cars. It is known that the crossover is assembled on the platform of the relatively inexpensive Tesla Model 3 car, but, as you would expect, there are many differences between them. The most interesting distinguishing features of the new items are in his salon.

Tesla Model Y Front

About the interior features of an electric car, the CleanTechnica publication reported with a link to @mrleetesla’s twitter account. One of the Tesla fans managed to photograph the Tesla Model Y interior from different angles, which shows that the interior of the crossover is much wider than that of a passenger electric car. Like any good passenger truck, the novelty has a quite roomy trunk, in which, if necessary, you can put travel bags or even put a bicycle. The exact dimensions of the cabin and the trunk are not available at the moment, but in the photos the Tesla Model Y’s spaciousness seems impressive. Closely, at least, certainly not.

What does the Tesla Model Y look like?

The door panels are trimmed with black Alcantara, which is also known as faux suede. In general, the entire interior of the novelty is made in a dark style, which gives it a solid look. What material is covered in the center console of the new product, on which the dashboard, touch screen and controls are installed, is not visible in the photographs. If it is the same as the Tesla Model 3, the owners of the crossover will have to deal with it as carefully as possible, because it is very susceptible to dirt and scratches. It is hoped that the company took into account the negative reviews and corrected this imperfection.

Rear seats of the Tesla Model Y

Also in the cabin there is a USB-C port for connecting a smartphone, as well as two 12-volt sockets. For comparison, in Tesla Model 3 there is only one outlet. The tailgate is electrically operated, which means that it can open automatically. In front of the car, according to the standard, two people can sit, and three passengers can be put in the back. Well, now we can say that the Tesla Model Y is a good car for large families.

Trunk Tesla Model Y

The first people to receive the Tesla Model Y will be those who pre-ordered the Performance configuration with acceleration to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds, a top speed of 240 km / h and a power reserve of 450 kilometers. Then, those who prefer the configuration of a Dual Motor AWD with all-wheel drive will receive their order. The production of the cheapest version of the Tesla Model Y Standart Range will not begin until 2021.

It is worth recalling that the price of the Tesla Model Y starts at $ 39,000 for a standard modification and ends at $ 60,000 for the most powerful model.