Google has released the fourth beta version of the operating system Android 12. The main feature of the fresh build is that on the lifecycle scale, which the company showed in the spring, it is located in the Platform Stability section. This indicates its suitability for everyday use.

The exit of the operating system to the home stretch suggests that software developers can fully test their applications, because The API and basic functions of the OS will not change anymore. In parallel, Google advises to thoroughly test the software for compatibility with the new revision of the “green robot”, since Android 12 brings the largest platform upgrade in the past few years.

Developers have significantly changed the approach to data privacy. In Android 12, users will be able to see which apps are tracking their activities, as well as access the location, clipboard, camera, and microphone.

The stable beta version of Android 12 is available for all Google smartphones starting with Pixel 3. Devices from other companies will receive it a little later. The final release will take place in late September or early October. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will be the first models to come with Android 12 preinstalled.