Congressman and former White House doctor Ronny Jackson, participating in the Fox News program, said that, in his opinion, US President Joe Biden will soon resign due to a decrease in cognitive abilities, the EADaily portal reports with reference to the American media.

TV host Sean Hannity criticized Joe Biden’s recent answers to CNN questions in an interview with Ronny Jackson and suggested that the US president would not have been able to pass the cognitive test that his predecessor Donald Trump had easily overcome earlier.

“Donald Trump has passed a cognitive ability test. He answered all 30 questions correctly. I heard that this is a very difficult test. I don’t think Joe Biden would have coped with him,” The Hill quotes the TV presenter.

The guest of the program agreed with this assumption.

“Absolutely, Sean, and I’ve said that from the very beginning. I told you something was going on here. I said this when he was still candidate Joe Biden, and I said that it would only get worse. And you know what? We are watching this happen right now before our eyes,” Jackson said.

According to him, “something is really happening” with the US president.

“I think that he will either resign himself, or they are going to convince him to resign shortly due to medical problems, or they will have to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of this person,” the former White House doctor said.

According to the publication, Jackson posted a video on Twitter with Biden’s speech and the caption: “He’s completely crazy! We need a cognitive test now!”

It is noted that in June, the congressman, who was a doctor in the White House under Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, distributed a letter calling on Joe Biden to take a test for cognitive abilities, and this appeal was supported by about a dozen Republicans.

Ronny Jackson is also known for his controversial statements about Trump’s health, writes The Hill. So, in 2018, he called the president’s diet “excellent,” although he regularly ate fast food.