Tucker Carlson stressed that with his harsh statement to the Russian president, Patrick Donahoe reacted to criticism of US leader Joe Biden.

The host of the American Fox News channel Tucker Carlson called for the resignation of Major General of the US Armed Forces Patrick Donahoe because of his tweet mentioning Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On the air of the TV channel on Tuesday, the publication of one of the Twitter users was demonstrated, who ironically asked Donahoe how many wars he had won. “Instead of honestly answering this question and the answer to it is zero, Patrick Donahoe answers like this:” Don’t be Putin’s decoy ducks,” Carlson notes.

The host stressed that with his sharp statement, Donahoe reacted to criticism of the administration of US President Joe Biden. “Since when do our generals sit on Twitter, calling people Putin’s decoy ducks just because they don’t agree with Biden’s policy?” the presenter asked himself.

“Why is this guy still commanding someone? Why shouldn’t he resign? I’m serious,” Carlson concluded. In July, the Major General was appointed commander of the US Armed Forces base at Fort Benning (Georgia).