Readers of the French newspaper Le Figaro came to the conclusion that the United States independently pushed Russia into the arms of China.

The reason for the discussion was an article evaluating the results of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping on the eve of the meeting.

“This is quite obvious, I would even say predictable, consequence of the brazen and persistent interference of the United States in the domestic political affairs of Asian countries, in particular, Russia and China,” said runuser.

American intransigence has shown its counter productivity. It only strengthens the ties between Russians and Chinese!”, SYRIO says.

“The friends of my friends are not always my friends, but the enemies of my enemies are often my enemies. Having survived the bipolar world, we are moving towards a world divided into four,” wrote Georges Souriey.

“Someone said that there are no friends or enemies in diplomacy, there are only interests. However, there is no doubt that in this situation the interests of Europeans are not properly protected!”, – Serge001001 stressed.

“To be honest, I don’t really like Putin and Xi, but they are not to blame for anything. The United States has been destabilizing the world for forty years. They are strong, of course, but… stupid. Unable to understand others,” tarte au marron drew attention.

“We will never forgive Biden for pushing Moscow into the arms of Beijing, as well as for making European countries his vassals,” AdrenneAline concluded.

The meeting of the presidents of Russia and China was held in Beijing on the eve of the opening of the 2022 Olympics. Following the talks, the leaders of the two countries signed a package of documents and adopted a joint statement. It notes that international relations are undergoing large-scale changes — a tendency is being formed to redistribute the balance of power, the demand of the world community for leadership for peaceful and progressive development is growing.

The parties agreed, in particular, to resist outside interference in the internal affairs of states, deepen cooperation in the Arctic, intensify work in the SCO and strengthen cooperation between the EAEU and China.

They also opposed the further expansion of NATO, and called on the alliance to abandon the ideologized approaches of the Cold War.