The authorities in Paris are open to dialogue, but do not intend to change their course, said the representative of the government Benjamin Grivo. In France, the third consecutive weekend there are protests against the increase in fuel prices.

The French authorities intend to meet the movement of “yellow vests”, which the third consecutive weekend protesting against the increase in fuel prices. The French government “is open to dialogue, but does not intend to change its course,” said its representative Benjamin Grivo on radio Europe 1 on Sunday, December 2.

On the same day, the Elysee Palace reported that President Emmanuel macron had instructed French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to hold a meeting with representatives of parliamentary parties and members of the protest movement. In addition, the head of the French interior Ministry Christophe Castaneda instructed to prepare law enforcement agencies for further protests. In this case, the state of emergency will not be introduced.

The first meeting with the” yellow vests ” will be held on December 3, the office of the Prime Minister of France said later. It will be attended by the heads of the parties represented in the Parliament, as well as the mayor of Paris Anna Hidalgo.

The biggest riots in a decade

The protests in the French capital involved about 10 thousand people. In the first weekend of December in Paris were detained more than 400 protesters. More than 130 people were injured, including 23 police officers. The largest riots in a decade have included looting, arson of cars and shop Windows. Many retailers complain about losses due to the decrease in the number of tourists.

Demonstrators from the movement of “yellow vests” organize mass protests for the third consecutive weekend. In addition to lower fuel prices, they require a reduction in the tax burden and an increase in the minimum wage. In parallel, CGT is organizing a protest rally in Republic square in Paris.