Google Drive is an integral part of Google Accounts, allowing data to be synchronized across all user devices. Free accounts provide up to 15 GB of storage for users’ personal information. You can switch to a premium Google One account to get more space.

The latest update expands the functionality of Google Drive with a useful tool for blocking other people’s accounts. This is an interesting innovation aimed at reducing the spread of spam or offensive content between accounts. Google confirmed the new feature back in May, but is now rolling it out to compatible accounts.

In the short term, Google Drive will allow you to block other accounts and thus not transmit or receive content to them while using the service.

The user blocking option is activated by right-clicking on a shared folder or file in Google Drive. If you change your mind, you can always unblock your account.

It’s nice to know that blocking is not limited to file sharing. Enabling this feature means that accounts will not be able to connect to other corporate apps such as Hangouts and Chat.

Google wants to offer a single cloud solution that is both useful and maximum security for its users.