The G7 countries refused to pay for Russian energy resources in rubles to Russia. This statement was made by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection of Germany Robert Habeck on March 28.

According to Habek, the G7 countries do not intend to pay for gas supplies in Russian currency. According to him, the energy ministers of these countries believe that Russia’s demand to pay for its energy supplies in rubles is a violation of previously concluded contracts.

“All the energy ministers of the G7 countries agree that this is a unilateral and clear violation of existing contracts. The concluded contracts remain in force, and companies must continue to comply with their provisions. Making payments in rubles is unacceptable,” Habeck said.

He added that this demand is an attempt by the Russian president to split European society and pointed out that Russia will not be able to achieve this.

“Putin’s attempt to split us is obvious. We will not allow ourselves to be split, and the response of the Group of Seven states is unequivocal: the treaties will be respected,” he said.

Earlier, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russia would not engage in charity and supply gas to Europe for free.