The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s (HFPA) American Golden Globe Film Awards have been convicted of corruption, the Los Angeles Times reports.

In the summer of 2020, Norwegian journalist Kjersti Flaa filed a lawsuit against the event’s jury, as they did not accept her into the organization. Flaa said there is a “cult of corruption” flourishing within the HFPA and noted that the association accepts “thousands of dollars in rewards” from studios and celebrities who subsequently receive Golden Globes.

As shown by the Los Angeles Times investigation, the organization also allocates significant sums for its members’ payments. HFPA members received a total of $ 2 million for their work last year.

The journalists also drew attention to the fact that the series “Emily in Paris” was on the list of nominees for the Golden Globe, which did not succeed. As it turned out, in 2019, 30 members of the association visited the group’s set, where they were provided with accommodation in a five-star hotel. They invited me to a reception at the Museum of Fair Art. One HFPA member admitted that they were “treated like kings.” At the same time, representatives of other media were not provided with such luxurious conditions.