On Thursday, Mexican ministries will stop the work of non-mandatory state functions as part of measures to contain the coronavirus epidemic in the country, Deputy Head of the Ministry of health Hugo Lopez-Gatel said during a press conference.

“The heads of ministries will determine what activity should be maintained and what should be postponed,” Lopez-Gatel said.

The official explained that important functions of the government will continue to be performed, and key decision-makers will remain in their places.

“There are important functions that cannot be stopped because we need hospitals, fuel, energy, cleaning and public safety,” the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Health explained.
Over the past day, 70 new patients with COVID-19 were identified in the country, the total number reached 475. A sixth elderly patient died from complications caused by concomitant diseases. Doctors are investigating 1,656 suspicious cases and have made 2,445 negative tests for the new coronavirus. Less than 10 percent of patients were hospitalized, and the vast majority of them are in stable condition.