Andrew Cuomo made this decision amid a scandal with allegations of harassment.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that he is resigning amid allegations of sexual harassment from 11 women on his part. He made the corresponding statement, speaking on Tuesday with an appeal to the residents of the state, which was broadcast by American TV channels.

Cuomo noted that the state prosecutor’s office report, indicating that he was caught in inappropriate behavior, contains many inaccuracies, especially “about the most serious charges.”

“But given the circumstances, I believe that I can provide the greatest help by retiring,” Cuomo said.

According to him, the decision to resign will come into force in two weeks. After that, the current deputy governor Kathy Hochul will head the state administration, at least until the next elections scheduled for November 2022. She will become the first woman in the history of New York to hold this post.

The governor apologized to all the women who could have suffered from his actions but stressed that he did not seek to offend them in one way or another or put them in an awkward position. “In my understanding, I have never crossed the line with anyone, but I did not realize how much this line has shifted,” Cuomo stressed. He said that he intends to defend his innocence because he considers the charges “politically motivated.”