New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called false statements by US President Donald Trump about the decision to postpone vaccination against coronavirus.

Earlier, Trump said that the American COVID-19 vaccine would become widely available to US residents in April next year, except New York. According to him, the Governor of the state “for political reasons” decided to postpone vaccination.

“Everything he (Trump) said is not true. Surprise, surprise, ” Cuomo said on MSNBC.

The Governor noted that residents of the state are concerned about the President’s political interference in producing the vaccine and the approval of the drug. It’s not a question of “whether people trust vaccine manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies,” he said.

“The question is how to build trust, and some States have said they will create their own scientific Council that will verify the information… And then we can really quickly introduce and distribute the vaccine. The President likes to pay attention to New York because it is a constant problem for him, ” Cuomo said.

In mid-September, Trump already promised a vaccine by April. He also said that mass vaccination in the United States would begin before the presidential election, that is, until November 3.

On Friday, Trump said that at-risk groups and health care workers would first be vaccinated against the coronavirus.