They were not injured, said Greg Abbott.

All hostages in the synagogue of Colleyville (Texas) have been released, they were not injured. This was announced on Saturday evening on Twitter by the governor of the state Greg Abbott.

“The prayers were answered. All hostages are at large, [they are] alive and unharmed,” he wrote. The information was soon confirmed by the city police.

According to the Associated Press, Abbott’s message was published shortly after the sound of an explosion was heard from the synagogue, which is believed to have been followed by shooting. Details about the details of the operation to rescue the hostages have not yet been received, law enforcement agencies reported that the attacker is dead, AP notes. According to the agency’s calculations, almost 12 hours have passed since the capture.

ABC earlier reported that four people, including a rabbi, had been taken hostage. One of the hostages was released a few hours ago. As an unnamed representative of the authorities told the TV channel, the armed man claimed to be the brother of Aafia Siddiqui, convicted of terrorism, and demanded her release. Siddiqui is serving her sentence at an Air Force base in Texas; she was sentenced to 86 years for the attempted murder of an American soldier in 2010 and is suspected of having links with the terrorist group Al-Qaeda.