The Haitian Senate has appointed Joseph Lambert as interim president of the country.

The Republic of Haiti has asked the UN to send peacekeepers to help ensure the security of the country, in particular, to protect key infrastructure.

A letter sent to the UN by the Haitian Prime Minister’s administration says that peacekeepers are needed to help local law enforcement agencies maintain public order.

The decision to send peacekeepers to Haiti should be authorized by the UN Security Council.

The Haitian authorities also turned to the United States for help. In an interview with reporters, the Pentagon representative confirmed the appeal. The US military department said that they plan to maintain contacts with the Haitian authorities to discuss possible steps to assist.

Later, a representative of the US Administration said that the United States is not currently planning to provide military assistance to Haiti.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said earlier that the United States intends to send senior officials of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security to Haiti to assess the situation.

Recall that the attack on the residence of the President of Haiti in the capital of the country Port-au-Prince occurred on the night of July 7. In the published video from surveillance cameras, armed men in the black pose as employees of the Drug Enforcement Administration agents and tell everyone to lie down on the floor. President Jovenel Moise died of bullet wounds on the spot. His wife, Martin Moise, was also injured. Later, she was taken to the United States for treatment.

On Friday evening, the Haitian Senate, which has about a third of its members, appointed the Speaker of the Senate, Joseph Lambert, as interim president of the republic. Before that, Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph served as the head of state.