Lloyd Austin and Peter Dutton noted the importance of “trilateral cooperation with Japan.”

Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin and Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton discussed by phone the situation around Ukraine and the new AUKUS security alliance created by Washington, London and Canberra. This is stated in a written statement issued by the press secretary of the U.S. military department, John Kirby.

According to him, Austin and Dutton “discussed a wide range of issues facing the union of the USA and Australia.” They also talked about “the security challenges and cooperation needed to ensure freedom in the Indo-Pacific region.” The ministers also “reviewed the progress made in the framework of the AUKUS security partnership” and noted the importance of “trilateral cooperation with Japan.”

In addition, the heads of the U.S. and Australian military departments “reaffirmed their strong support for Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression and the importance of protecting the rules-based world order.”