The heads of Japan and the United States on Monday stressed the importance of the Alliance of the two countries at the beginning of negotiations in Tokyo.
“I hope to make this visit of Mr. and Mrs. Trump something similar in importance to the opening of a new era of the Rave,” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at the beginning of talks with US President Donald Trump. According to him, he wants to use this chance to show clearly that the Japanese-American Alliance will remain strong in the era of the Rave.

D. Trump, in turn, said that he and Shinzo Abe maintain good relations, and relations between the US and Japan are going through better times.
“We understand each other very well. We are very devoted to each other as a nation,” Trump said. “The situation is that at the moment we have the best relations in history with Japan, and we are going to keep it that way.”

“I think we will announce something probably in August, it will be very good for both countries,” the US President said, speaking about trade. These remarks were made about the US trade deficit with Japan, which D. Trump called “a huge imbalance.”

D. Trump also said that the main topics of discussion at the upcoming talks within the framework of his four-day visit to Japan will be military and trade issues, as well as the Korean Peninsula. As for the growing tension in the Persian Gulf, Trump said that Iran is open for negotiations, and he is also ready to negotiate with Tehran.